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Who is Earth to Solar? makes it easy!

Zero Cost

Choose a solar PPA and pay nothing upfront. Vivint owns, installs and maintains the system while you focus on saving!

Installation included

Vivint will custom design a solar energy system and install it on your roof at no cost to you!

Save up to 30% or higher

Save money on your power bill with clean, renewable energy!

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Solar Talk

Snow & Solar?

Snow & Solar?

When it comes to solar panels, many of us tend to think of warmer climates such as California and Florida. After all, solar panels need sunli...
Would You Take This Deal?

Would You Take This Deal?

Many find it hard to understand how something can be free, especially when that something is worth tens of thousands of dollars. I decided to find...
How to Go Solar! (Step by Step)

How to Go Solar! (Step by Step)

Changing the way you get your energy can seem intimidating, but I promise it's a lot easier than one might think!There are 6 main things that ha...


“My husband works in the energy field, and I am a science teacher. Renewable energy is always a topic that we talk to our students about. Having solar panels put on our roof makes me feel like we’re doing our part to help the environment.”

Karen Lococo

“The sales rep, our account manager, everyone’s been very enthusiastic about their product. They're knowledgeable, they’re able to answer all of our millions of questions. I’m really impressed with the whole Vivint team.”

Kim Takayesu

“I didn’t quite believe that you could get something for nothing these days. But it’s free––just free. That’s how I heard about it. I recently got my first bill from my electric company, and it’s down 44 percent. That’s money that I can use towards my retirement and my vacations.”

Dennis D’Alessandro